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Kriester Artesian Well Co. Inc. drills wells like all of the other well companies, but when you hire us, you get the PRESIDENT, Owner, the Driller and the pump Installer ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Mike Kriester does it all, and is the one man who will answer all of your questions.

Over the last 35 years, Mike has always been there for his customers! If you cannot be on the site at the time of the drilling, Mike will call you as he progresses in the drilling of the well.  We drill only to the depth that is needed.

The LITTLE GUY is the one that really wants to work for you!

6 " Drilled Wells
Well drilling is our mainstay. Drilling only to the depth you need is our difference. All holes are 6". Pump(s) and water to the home delivered!  
Trench & Backhoe Service
Part of the equipment needed to drill wells are excavators. We can do numerous trenching, landscaping, and other projects with our equipment when we are not drilling with it.
Have a well that is not producing the volume that you need? Hydrofracking may be the answer to get every drop of water out of your existing well. Success rate is at 99%
Constant Pressure Pumping System
Tired of not having enough pressure to take a shower and run the washing machine? Constant pressure pumping systems cures that problem once and for all.
 Filters Service
Hard or Rusty Water? Water softener systems as well as other in-home treatments available. Call to discuss your particular problem.
Pump System
Is your well good but the pump went bad? Time to replace it with a new pump. We proudly use GOULDS submersible pumps exclusively with Well-X-Trol Tanks.
Other Services
We specialize in replacing salt contaminated wells.